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What You Need to Know about Dog Treats

As a matter of fact, good nutrition is important for dogs for a healthy life. However, it important to maintain a special bond with your dog. You can achieve this by giving your dog snacks from Betsy farms. These treats offer a good way to strengthen positive behavior. Treats are also essential during training. Read more great facts onjerky treats dog snacks, click here.

By giving your dog treats, you express your love for the dog. Therefore, Betsy Farmshelp you to reinforce and maintain the bond with your dog by providing healthy treats. During training, you can also reward the good behavior of your dog. Treats are usually important during training since a dog can smell them from a distance. A dog will even have an idea of the main ingredients.

Using dog treats effectively.

One of the ways you can use dog treats is to reinforce or build a submissive, calm state. You should, however, avoid giving treats to reward over-stimulated and excited state. However, you can wait for the dog to first smell the treat, and hold the treat up from the dog and wait. When the dog gets the scent, she can even jump on you or around you. By allowing your dog to wait and get to a submissive state, it will result in a well-behaved dog.  

By not giving the treat during the excited state, the dog will try to look for another way to get the treat. The dog will lie to the floor and look at you quietly in anticipation. At that point when the dog is calm, you can give her the treat. You should not reward an excited dog. Instead, use Betsy Farms treats to reinforce submissive, calm state.

When do you give the treats?

First, you should look for a treat that your dog enjoys. The ideal time to give your treat is between meals.  At that time, you can use the treat to re-engage your dog if she starts to lose interest during training. When using the treats a tool for training your dog, you should not give it immediately after a full meal. This is because it won't work well. The treat should, however, be given in between meals.

However, the treat should be appropriate for a dog. Therefore, you may inquire with your vet the best ingredient to look for in the dog treats. However, Betsy Farms treats are usually wholesome and delicious to ensure a healthy diet.

Therefore, when considering treats for your dog, consider Betsy Farms snacks. Please view this site  for further details. 
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